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The Next Generation of Social Media is Created by AI. We're Looking to Connect with Those Who Want to Build it Together.

Generated in Midjourney: ‘Realistic photo of a beautiful young girl expressing shyness. Colored monochromatic background in pastel tones v 5.2 --s 250 --ar 16:9’
Regenerated image from Midjouney, mixing in the face of actor Lee Byung-hun
Humanity's photo generation AI technology has advanced significantly.
While it's not perfect and still has many issues to resolve, the concentration of interest and capital in AI suggests that it won't be long before it reaches near-perfection.
Numerous AI startups are emerging, with most focusing on the technology itself.
This is a remarkable achievement, and everyone benefits from the technology they develop.
However, what's crucial for us is whether users need and truly love the services created with this technology.
Companies that make a slight difference and secure a monopoly will survive and lead the next decade.
Unboxers has managed to secure 700,000 users and their social graphs through the anonymous voting and compliment app Hype, targeted at teenagers. With this user base, we plan to start and lead in Gen AI SNS.
At least in the social domain, we believe we can ride this wave faster than other teams with our user pool and insights. Now is the perfect time.
Gen AI and SNS are a great match.
AI technology makes it easier for users to edit text, photos, voice, and videos.
The easier it is, the more often it's used.
The more it's used, the more is produced.
AI technology allows users to edit text, photos, voice, and videos in more diverse ways.
The more diverse it is, the more fun it is.
The more fun it is, the more it's consumed.
Instagram gathered 2 billion users starting with filters that made photos prettier, and TikTok gathered 1 billion users starting with tools that made short videos easier to create.
Companies that utilize AI well will start with tools that make it easy and diverse to create content, attracting more users.
Eventually, they will generate content that aligns with the user's preferences.
Just as recommendation algorithms greatly expanded the pie for social media services,
Generation algorithms will produce even more astonishing results.
I'm writing this post to find those excited about this future and want to build it with us.
If you have questions,
Want to share ideation,
Or even if you're not ready now but want to join us later,
That's great.
I believe perfect relationships are never built in a day.
Starting with a coffee chat and gradually getting involved is enough.
(We're currently creating a recruitment site)
Backend Engineer (Django)
Flutter Engineer
AI Researcher
Coffee Chat


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2023.02 ~ 2023.05 [From the creation of a 3-week-long application to becoming the top spot on the App Store]
2023.06~2023.07 [App Store's top rank after DAU dropped by 10 pieces and the CEO got into debt]

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