I'm writing this post to find those excited about this future and want to build it with us.
If you have questions,
Want to share ideation,
Or even if you're not ready now but want to join us later,
That's great.
I believe perfect relationships are never built in a day.
Starting with a coffee chat and gradually getting involved is enough.
(We're currently creating a recruitment site)
Backend Engineer (Django)
Flutter Engineer
AI Researcher
Coffee Chat


Our MakerLog

2023.02 ~ 2023.05 [From the creation of a 3-week-long application to becoming the top spot on the App Store]
2023.06~2023.07 [App Store's top rank after DAU dropped by 10 pieces and the CEO got into debt]

Who We Are

Product & Career

Unboxers Corp.
CEOs: Huicheol Shin, Seongmin Kwon
Business Registration Number: 347-87-02489
53, Sangdo-ro 37-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea