Terms & Conditions

The following translation is for your ease of reference. Should any discrepancies arise between the English translation and the original Korean text—save for delays in translation—the Korean version will hold precedence. Notwithstanding, provisions related to AI Services within these Terms will be governed by the English language version over that of the Korean.

Greetings from CONCEPT!

Herein are the terms and conditions (“Terms”) that shed light on the general usage of the CONCEPT service (“CONCEPT” or the “Service”), which may pique your interest or fulfill your informational needs as you utilize the Service. Within these Terms, you'll uncover details concerning your rights, obligations, and other relevant information pertaining to the relationship between UNBOXERS Corporation (“we” or “Company”) and you (“you” or “Members”). For your convenience, we ensure that these Terms are always available on the Service. The Company is committed to consistently offering you dependable service, and it is our aspiration that the information provided herein will facilitate your access to and understanding of the Service.

Definitions of capitalized terms within these Terms are as follows:

“Service” encompasses both CONCEPT itself and the suite of services related to CONCEPT, which are available for use on various devices, including but not limited to PCs, TVs, mobile devices, and other connected or standalone devices. “you” or “Members” denotes individuals who engage with the Service by accessing and using it, entering into an agreement of service usage in alignment with these Terms. “Content” constitutes any materials such as writings, photographs, videos, files, and links that you disseminate through the Service, which may take the form of symbols, text, voice recordings, sounds, graphics, images, or video content.

Accessibility and amendment procedures for these Terms:

The Company will make these Terms available on the Service or via a linkage page. The Terms are subject to amendments that comply with applicable laws. Upon revising these Terms, the Company will provide you with a minimum of 7 days’ advance notice, which will encompass the rationale for the changes and the effective date. Should any amendments potentially affect your interests negatively, we will issue a notification on the Service at least 30 days in advance and will also individually inform you through emails or alternative communication channels. In the absence of your explicit objection subsequent to being notified about the intended amendments, such non-action will be interpreted by the Company as your acceptance of the revised Terms. Should you opt not to accept the amended Terms, the Company will be unable to enforce them, and you retain the prerogative to dissolve the service usage agreement. Nonetheless, should exceptional circumstances prevent the application of the original, unamended Terms, the Company may choose to terminate the service usage agreement. It is to be noted that even if certain provisions of these Terms are deemed unenforceable, the remainder of the Terms shall remain effective.

The relationship between these Terms and the Operation Policy:

The Company may establish an ancillary agreement or operation policy (“Operation Policy”) applicable to specific services. For any matters not expressly addressed within this service usage agreement or for clarifications thereof, decisions will be guided by the respective Operation Policies, pertinent legislation, or established practices.

Engaging with the Service entails a sequence of steps.

The service usage contract comes into existence when an applicant (the "Applicant") concurs with these Terms, applies for membership, and the Company affirms this application. Ordinarily, the Company is inclined to accept such applications. Nonetheless, there exist specific scenarios in which the Company may decline the application or annul the service agreement subsequent to its approval. For instance, if the Applicant has had their membership previously revoked, the Company may reject their new application, unless the Applicant has secured Company-sanctioned authorization for re-application. Moreover, should the Applicant provide inaccurate details or omit information requested by the Company, the application may be refused. Additionally, if the Applicant is responsible for any actions leading to the rejection or has breached any previous regulations, the application may not be approved. Notably, individuals below the age of 16 are prohibited from utilizing the Services offered by CONCEPT, and this prohibition extends to all services associated with CONCEPT. Also, should there be a deficiency in service-related resources or if the Company encounters technical or business difficulties, the approval of applications may be deferred.
In instances where your application is either declined or its approval is delayed for the reasons mentioned, the Company will typically provide notification. The service usage agreement becomes effective once the Company accepts and acknowledges the application. The Company reserves the right to allocate access to its Services in varying levels, which may include limitations on the duration, frequency of usage, and available service options as stipulated by the Operation Policy.

Personal information can be updated at your discretion.

You have the autonomy to review and modify your personal information via the profile interface at any time. Should there be any alterations to your data post-application, it is your responsibility to update your profile accordingly. The Company disclaims any liability for disadvantages that may occur due to your non-compliance with this update requirement.

Your personal information's protection is a priority for the Company.

The Company is dedicated to safeguarding your personal information in strict compliance with applicable legal standards, as dictated by relevant laws or the privacy policy. However, in grave circumstances, such as when a Member disseminates child pornography, a substantial amount of explicit material, or if the Company determines the content to pose a threat to life, the Company may disclose pertinent information to legal authorities, overriding the privacy policy. Moreover, the Company may access your Content when necessary to verify compliance with relevant laws or the service usage agreement, and may furnish the contents of your posts or chats to government authorities to fulfill legal obligations.
If you refrain from engaging with the Service over a certain period, evidenced by a lack of login or activity, the Company will reach out to you via electronic means, including email or in-service notifications. Following this, the Company may either delete your information or store it separately. If you persist in not accessing the Service, the Company may terminate the service usage agreement.
Please note that the Company's privacy policy is not applicable to third-party websites that may be linked from the Service's official platform.

The Company is committed to keeping you informed and values your feedback.

When there is pivotal information to relay, the Company will utilize appropriate channels to communicate with you, unless the Terms specify otherwise.
Furthermore, should the Company determine your feedback or complaints regarding the Service to be valid, earnest efforts will be made to address them. You will be kept abreast of the resolution process via customer support or other avenues deemed suitable by the Company.

Respect for the proprietary rights of the Service and its Members is essential.

The Company possesses and retains all copyright and intellectual property rights related to the Service, excluding the Content that you personally generate. The graphic designs, textual content, scripts, code, illustrations, icons, photographs, videos, services facilitating interpersonal communication, along with all related logos, service marks, and trademarks, are either the proprietary assets of the Company or are used by the Company under appropriate legal authorization.
The Company grants you the right to utilize the Service strictly within the boundaries of the terms and conditions set forth. You are not permitted to assign, sell, or use as collateral the Service or the rights provided to you. The rights bestowed upon you are solely for the purpose of using the Service in alignment with these Terms, and do not extend to ownership or copyright of the Service. Your utilization of the Service is confined to accessing the Service's content for personal use.
Except as explicitly indicated in these Terms of Use, you are not authorized to replicate or disseminate any textual, scripted, or graphical content created by the Company. This includes the use, duplication, or distribution of member status information obtained via the Service for monetary gain. The extraction of source code, decompilation, or the creation of derivative works related to the Service or its software is prohibited without express written consent from the Company.

Your Content is handled with care and respect.

The Company cherishes the Content you share via our Service, believing it enriches and enhances the lives of all users. Content encompasses a range of materials including, but not limited to, writings, photographs, videos, audio clips, illustrations, and links that you upload to share with yourself or with others within the Service.
We pledge to treat your Content, which reflects your personal thoughts and emotions, with the utmost sensitivity and respect. The intellectual property rights of any Content you create rest solely with you.
In order to legally provide the Content you submit through the Service, the Company requires certain usage rights. These include a global, perpetual, and royalty-free license to store, copy, modify, transmit, display, distribute, and create derivative works (such as translations). By submitting or posting your Content on the Service, you grant the Company these rights, assuring us that you indeed possess the rights to the Content you share.
The Company may utilize the usage rights legally granted by you for purposes such as showcasing within the Service, promoting the Service, enhancing and operating the Service, pursuing research and development of new services, meeting web accessibility and legal obligations, and integrating with external websites through search and linkage.
The Content you supply could be instrumental for the Company and its affiliates in research and development activities, aimed at refining current services and inventing new ones. The Company is committed to offering increasingly valuable services through ongoing research and development efforts.
We strive to provide you with straightforward control over your Content and its accessibility by other Members. When you opt to make your posts public, you are allowing the Company to utilize your posts within the Service, such as in publicly available templates or forums, for all users to see. You also permit other users to utilize your posts, including edited versions shared via templates, in line with these Terms of Use. Should you wish to delete or privatize your posts, you may do so using the Service's management features to directly manage the accessibility of your Content. You may also request through customer service the deletion or privatization of your content, or its exclusion from search and other access points; however, these requests may not always be feasible to process.

CONCEPT's AI Services

To engage with CONCEPT's AI service, which creates Concept Album("AI Services"), you will submit your photographs to be used by the AI Services. By doing so, you consent to the Company using your photographs to instruct the AI algorithms exclusively for the generation of your deliverables from the AI Services. After these deliverables are complete, your photographs will be promptly deleted. You must refrain from using or submitting any photographs that contravene these Terms or for which you lack complete rights. You agree to protect, indemnify, and hold the Company and its affiliates harmless from any losses or claims that may arise due to your misuse of the photographs in violation of these Terms.

Expected conduct while using the Service

To ensure the proper usage of our Services, certain actions are strictly prohibited: falsifying information during application or while updating personal details; unauthorized use of others' information; collecting, distributing, or disclosing personal or registration details or access histories of other Members without consent; compromising account security; disseminating false information for personal gain or to the detriment of others; promoting or encouraging improper relationships through the Service; or engaging in activities that defame or slander others.
It is expressly forbidden to use the Service for personal profit without the Company's consent, as well as altering any information provided by the Company. Acts of impersonation, illegal use of names, infringement of copyright and intellectual property, defamation, or any conduct causing operational disruptions are also strictly prohibited. Additionally, you are not allowed to transmit or post any information not authorized by the Company, including computer programs, or to disseminate violent or socially inappropriate messages, audio, videos, or any other form of misinformation or impersonation.
Endorsing or facilitating any of the aforementioned actions is also strictly forbidden. You must comply with applicable laws, these Terms, the Operation Policy, instructions related to the use of the Service, and heed any related announcements or notices. Moreover, you should avoid any actions that could interfere with the Company’s business or the Service's operations.
For detailed guidelines, please refer to the Operation Policy.

Access to the Service may be subject to restrictions.

Although the Company commits to treating your Content with care, not all Content is monitored or reviewed. Should your Content be deemed inappropriate in light of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use, other data and privacy protection laws (collectively referred to as "Communication Law"), copyright laws, related regulations, these Terms, or the Operation Policy, or if it is unsuitable for the services provided, the Company may delete such Content or prevent its distribution on the Service.
You are advised against sharing any Content or messages, including comments, that may be unwelcome to others, especially if it could cause distress. Additionally, all Service use must comply with legal standards; any illegal use of the Service is strictly prohibited.
If your Content includes any illegal information as per relevant legislation, the rightful owner may request its removal, and the Company will act in accordance with such legislation. Furthermore, the Company may remove or restrict access to Content or take provisional measures against meetings containing such Content, even without a direct request from the right-holder, if there is a reasonable basis to believe the Content is inappropriate or violates legislation.
If you violate these Terms or disrupt the regular operation of the Services, the Company may limit your access to the Service through warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans. In extreme cases, such as the distribution of illegal programs, illegal communication, hacking, the spread of malicious software, unauthorized access, or any other violations of related laws—including but not limited to abnormal use of the Service or prohibited methods—the Company may immediately enforce a permanent suspension. Upon such a suspension, any accrued benefits through the Service may be forfeited, and the Company will neither provide compensation nor be held liable. Details of such suspensions are outlined in the Operation Policy.
If the Company restricts your access to the Service or terminates the Service usage agreement, you will be notified of this decision. You may contest the decision through the procedures provided by the Company. If your appeal is found to be valid, the Company may revoke the suspension.

The Company's stance against the distribution of child pornography is unwavering.

Children and adolescents represent our future and must be shielded by society. The Company is dedicated to fostering a secure environment that helps young individuals develop sound values and mature into responsible adults. Any conduct associated with promoting sexual services, threatening to share private images or videos, or any form of standard pornography will be regarded as child pornography. This also applies to Content shared to raise awareness about child sexual abuse—if it contains explicit material, it may still be classified as child pornography.
Upon detecting any pornographic Content involving a minor, the Company will take immediate action. This includes imposing the highest disciplinary measures available within the Service against the Member who shared such Content and collaborating with government authorities, providing them with necessary information.
The Company is always prepared to receive your reports concerning child pornography and is committed to persistently safeguarding minors from such threats. For comprehensive information, please refer to the child protection section within the CONCEPT platform.

Commitment to Service Stability

The Company endeavors to provide the CONCEPT service and its associated services, which have been developed by the Company or in collaboration with other entities, with the intention of availability 365 days a year, around the clock. Nevertheless, access to the Service may be tiered based on user identity verification, provided registration details, or other criteria as determined by the Company.
The provision of Services may be temporarily suspended for purposes such as maintenance of computers and network equipment, replacement or repair of hardware, disruptions in network connectivity, or other operational issues. In such events, the Company aims to notify you beforehand through acceptable means. However, should there be valid reasons, notification might follow the suspension. Regular maintenance and inspections, which are essential for the improved delivery of Services, will be conducted, and notice regarding such will be communicated through the Service.

Adjustments to the Services

The Company reserves the right to modify the Service, either in part or in full, to meet operational or technical requirements. Should changes to the Service's content, manner of use, or availability occur, you will be informed in advance through suitable communication methods. This notification will detail the reasons for the changes, the nature of the alterations, and the effective date of implementation.
The Company may adjust, halt, or overhaul parts or the entirety of the Services provided at no charge, in line with Company policies or operational necessities. Unless mandated by law, the Company is not obligated to offer compensation for such modifications.

Information and Advertising by the Company

Advertisements might be presented as a condition for using the Service, which underpins the provision of varied Services at no cost and fuels further research and development of superior Services.
The Company may transmit various forms of information considered necessary for the utilization of the Service, through notifications within the Service. You have the discretion to limit such notifications, except when they pertain to transactions or are responses to user inquiries as required by law. Should the Company choose to disseminate advertising for profit via SMS or other transmission methods, it will proceed only after obtaining your prior agreement.
The Company may display advertisements related to the Service on the Service interface, noticeboards, or on its websites. Users are prohibited from altering, limiting, or modifying postings associated with the Company's Services.

Termination at Your Discretion

You possess the right to terminate the service usage agreement at any time by utilizing the account deletion feature within the Service. The Company will address such requests promptly in accordance with applicable laws. Upon termination, all your data will be irretrievably deleted, except for data retained in accordance with the Company's privacy policy and relevant laws.
Upon terminating your agreement, all identifiable information linked to your account, such as your profile picture, will be erased. However, posts that have been saved or repurposed by other members, or those shared on community notice boards, will not automatically be deleted. If you wish to remove such posts, you should do so prior to terminating your agreement.

Service Operation Limitations

The Company is not liable for service interruptions caused by natural disasters or other force majeure events that render service provision impossible. Moreover, the Company will not assume responsibility for connectivity or access issues attributable to user-related factors, such as the loss of devices or access mediums.
The Company makes no guarantees regarding the reliability or accuracy of information or data posted on the Service or for transactions conducted through the Service, and will not be liable for any damages resulting from such content. Additionally, the Company disclaims any responsibility for services provided free of charge, except as explicitly provided by applicable law.
In the event of a legal dispute relating to these Terms or between the Company and you, the matter will be governed by Korean law and resolved in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Korean Civil Procedure Code.

AI Services Warranty Disclaimer

CONCEPT's AI Services incorporate external AI technologies, which means the Company cannot exercise complete control over the outcomes or deliverables produced by these AI Services. Thus, these deliverables do not necessarily represent the Company's official stance or opinions concerning any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, individual, or entity. The Company undertakes reasonable efforts to regulate the output from its AI Services by configuring accessible AI settings. Nonetheless, the Company cannot moderate user-generated content. By accepting these Terms and/or availing of the AI Services, you acknowledge the aforementioned disclaimer and waive any claims against the Company related to the deliverables produced by the AI Services. Should you find any deliverables objectionable or otherwise unacceptable, please contact us at
These Terms are effective as of November 1, 2023.