Paid Terms & Conditions

This translation is provided for your convenience. If there's any inconsistency between the English translation and the original Korean text, the Korean version holds sway. Notably, when it comes to provisions concerning AI Services, the English rendition of these Terms supersedes the Korean version.

CONCEPT Paid Product and Service Use Agreement

Article 1 (Objective)

This document outlines the rights, duties, and various other legal and practical relationships between UNBOXERS Corp. ("Company") and its members regarding the use of paid products and services ("Paid Service") offered through the CONCEPT platform ("Service").

Article 2 (Clarification of Terms)

The matters not defined in these Terms and the interpretation of these Terms shall follow the terms of “Details Industry Promotion Act”, “Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.” (hereinafter referred to as “Act on Electronic Commerce”), “Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions”, “Telecommunications Business Act”, the “Details User Protection Guidelines” set by the Minister of Culture and Sports, other related laws and decrees, CONCEPT User Terms, and customs of trade.

Article 3 (Member Notifications)

① When issuing notices to members, the Company may use the email addresses, electronic messaging systems, or other in-service methods unless otherwise specified in these Terms.
② For notices intended for all members, posting on the Company's bulletin board for at least seven days may replace individual notifications as mentioned above. However, notifications concerning issues that could significantly impact members' transactions must be conveyed according to the aforementioned individual methods.

Article 4 (Listing of Paid Services)

① The Company will list the following details on the CONCEPT service's homepage, FAQs, or on announcement pages to ensure members' understanding:
The name or title of the paid CONCEPT service
The name of the paid CONCEPT service provider (the entity name if the provider is an entity), address, phone number, and other information
The specific information about the paid CONCEPT service such as its details, method of use, fee, and other conditions of use
The period for withdrawal of subscription, method of exercise and its effect, and matters pertaining to refunds
Matters on the compensation of damage for customers, complaint processing, and dispute resolutions
② The Company will provide recommended specifications should there be minimum technical requirements for the utilization of the Paid Service on particular devices.

Article 5 (Formation of Agreement and Other Matters)

① The agreement to use the Paid Service shall be formed between the Company and the member is formed when the member agrees to these Terms and purchases the Paid Service through the means and payment methods set by the Company.
② The Company reserves the right to refuse or delay approval for the use of services in circumstances including, but not limited to:
Use of a false name or the name of another person by the member.
Provision of inaccurate information or failure to provide information required by the Company.
Evidence of mass payments from the same IP address, series of payments from similar IDs, or charges from an IP identified as risky due to prior illicit use.
Requests from minors under 19 without consent from a legal guardian.
Attempts by minors to purchase Paid Services restricted to minors by laws such as the "Youth Protection Act."
Payment amounts not realized or at risk of non-realization.
Members with a history of violating CONCEPT User Terms, including copyright infringement.
Members previously suspended under the CONCEPT User Terms.
Lack of service facilities or existence of technical or business challenges.
Requests contravening laws, public order, moral norms, or other Company usage terms.
③ The agreement is deemed finalized when the member is presented with a "sign-up complete" or "purchase complete" notification during the acquisition process.
④ Upon successful conclusion of the Paid Service Agreement, the Company will immediately provide the member with the agreement details as specified in Article 4, Paragraph 1. However, if the purchase occurs through an App Market, the delivery and notification of the agreement details will adhere to the App Market's policies.
⑤ To access Paid Services, members must concur with these Terms and remit payment per the specified service conditions.

Article 6 (Specific Terms for Minors and Others)

① Minors (under 19) or individuals with limited legal capacity must secure approval from their legal guardians—parents or appointed custodians—before purchasing Paid Services. If a purchase transpires without guardian consent, it can be annulled through the dedicated page below:
Customer Center:
② Legal guardians may withdraw their consent anytime via the above-stated page. Any purchases transacted before consent withdrawal remain unaffected.
③ If a minor feigns adulthood or falsifies guardian consent by misusing an adult's personal details, or if a member deceives the Company using another person's payment information, the purchase cannot be unilaterally rescinded by the member or their guardian despite lacking guardian approval.
Certain Paid Services identified by the Company
may be off-limits to minors or those with limited capabilities. These restrictions will be separately communicated within individual service details.

Article 7 (Alteration and Discontinuation of Paid Service)

① If Paid Services become unavailable due to business model shifts, cessation, or mergers, the Company will inform members following the procedures set in these Terms and offer compensation in line with suggested guidelines or relevant statutes such as the "Details Protection Guidelines."
② The Company may modify all or part of its Paid Services for valid operational or technical reasons. Members will be notified of such changes in advance on the service's main page. However, should changes significantly disadvantage members, personalized notifications will be dispatched as outlined in these Terms. If a member disagrees with the detrimental changes, they may terminate their service agreement under the terms laid out in Article 10.

Article 8 (Withdrawal and Cancellation Rights)

① Members have the right to withdraw from or terminate their agreement (hereinafter referred to as "subscription withdrawal, etc.") with the Paid Service within 7 days of receipt of the product or delivery of service details under the Act on Electronic Commerce. However, if the member has commenced using the purchased product, "subscription withdrawal, etc." may not be applicable for the used portion, and the Company must clearly inform the member of such conditions at the time of purchase.
② Beyond the initial provision, if the Paid Service's actual details differ from what was presented or advertised, or if it's executed differently from the agreed terms, the "member" may execute a "subscription withdrawal, etc." within 3 months from the product receipt date or within 30 days from the day the discrepancy was or should have been noticed.
③ In the event a "subscription withdrawal, etc." is initiated as per Paragraphs 1 and 2, the member is required to return the purchased product, and the Company must initiate a refund process in accordance with the Act on Electronic Commerce. Additional details regarding "subscription withdrawal, etc." under this Article will adhere to the Act on Electronic Commerce.
④ Notwithstanding the above provisions, for payments processed through an App Market, the Company will request the App Market to execute necessary actions, such as payment suspension or cancellation, in line with the App Market's policies and the Act on Electronic Commerce. The App Market's response to such requests will be governed by its respective policy.

Article 9 (Company's Right to Terminate or Suspend)

① If a member breaches the operational guidelines or engages in prohibited actions as set forth in the CONCEPT User Terms, the Company reserves the right to terminate or cancel the agreement or suspend service use for a specified period without prior notice.
② The termination or cancellation becomes effective when the Company communicates its intent to the member using the Company's established notification methods.
③ A member may terminate or cancel their agreement for Paid Services under circumstances including, but not limited to:
The Company's failure to fulfill obligations within a reasonable timeframe as outlined in the User Terms for Paid Products and Services.
The member's decision to cancel their membership or terminate the agreement due to disagreement with changes to these Terms or service alterations.
④ Upon termination or cancellation by the member under the previous provisions, the Company is obliged to refund the payment received, either as initially agreed or in accordance with the "Details User Protection Guidelines", related laws, and these Terms.
⑤ Members may contest the Company's decision to cancel, terminate, or restrict service according to the Company's set procedures. If the Company deems the objection valid, service use will be promptly reinstated.

Article 10 (Consequences of Withdrawal and Termination)

① The Company must refund the member within 3 business days from when the member's intent to withdraw (or in cases of termination or cancellation, from when the Company acknowledges the member's decision). If refunding through the original payment method isn't feasible, the member must be informed in advance. For payment methods requiring payment receipt confirmation, the refund is processed within 3 days of confirmation.
② When issuing a refund, the Company may deduct any benefits the member received from using the Paid Service prior to the refund.
③ If payment was made using credit cards or digital cash, the Company will request the payment method provider to immediately halt or reverse the payment charge for the Paid Service.
④ If the recipient of the Paid Service payment, or the parties involved in the service agreement, differ from the Company, they are jointly responsible for fulfilling obligations related to subscription withdrawal, etc.
⑤ For App Market payments, the Company will take actions in accordance with the Act on Electronic Commerce, such as requesting payment suspension or cancellation. The response of the App Market should align with its policy regarding the Company's requests.
⑥ Members can raise objections to the Company's termination, cancellation, or suspension actions following the Company's procedures. If the Company validates the objection, service access will be immediately restored.

Article 11 (Recompense for Member's Losses Due to Service Defects)

The Company commits to upholding and implementing compensation guidelines for any damages suffered by members due to defects in Paid Services or for other reasons. These guidelines will be in line with the "Details User Protection Guidelines" and other related statutes and regulations.

Article 12 (Liability Limitations)

① The Company is absolved from responsibility for not providing the Paid Service in events beyond its control, such as alterations in pertinent laws or unforeseen acts of God.
② The Company is not liable for service disruptions attributable to the member's errors, provided the Company has not contributed to the fault.
③ The Company will not be held accountable for conflicts arising between members or between a member and a third party over Paid Services if the Company is not at fault.

Article 13 (Prohibition on Rights Transfer)

Members may not assign, transfer, or otherwise dispose of their rights and obligations under these Terms to another party, nor may they pledge such as collateral.

Article 14 (Handling Complaints and Compensating Customer Damages)

① In instances of damage caused by the Company's intentional or grossly negligent actions, preventing the member from properly utilizing purchased Paid Services, the Company is obligated to seek resolutions or offer suitable compensation.
② The Company will maintain a dedicated center to address consumer grievances, including damage compensation, dissatisfaction, dispute resolution, and refunds:
Request and Issue Resolution Page for Paid Services

Article 15 (Supplementary Provisions)

These Terms act as a supplement to the CONCEPT Terms of Use. For any aspects not expressly covered in these Terms, the provisions detailed in the CONCEPT Terms of Use shall prevail.
Paid AI Services. Purchases of CONCEPT's AI Services, as delineated in the CONCEPT Terms of Use, may be subject to charges. It is acknowledged that once these AI Services are procured by you, the Company is under no obligation to offer a refund. Your acquisition and financial commitment to AI Services are deemed final and non-reimbursable.
These Terms come into effect as of November 1, 2023.